What If You Could Ignite...
Aligned + Intentional + Fulfilling Positive Change in just 4 Weeks?
A 4 Week Mind-Body-Soul System to get you

Up-leveled, + Energized + and in that Fantastic Feeling you get

when you're living your Best YOU!

Live Round - April 17th!

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The 4 Week to Fantastic System™
Is for you if...

You Feel lost and are longing to for an upbeat yet, grounded kind of peace. You KNOW there is more inside you and feel you could be shinning more brightly in life and work than you have been.

You are sensitive to the up and down roller-coaster effects of entrepreneurship and this wonky post-pandemic world.

You are a creative at heart and refuse to get stuck in a box that doesn't feel like you. It’s okay. You are not alone.

AND You ...


KNOW you are on this earth to make a positive difference and have a profound impact sharing your gifts.

Believe in practicing self acceptance, awareness and appreciation.

Understand that the answers exist within you and listening your body can provide the path to success.

Love being part of community and supporting others who get it and get you.

Are persistent and will not give up until you find your soul's purpose.

DOORS ARE OPEN. Until the timer runs out.

The 4 Weeks to Fantastic System™$47


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The 4 Weeks to Fantastic System™$47

All the best programs teach it takes a minimum of 21 days to change a habit and most successful plans are created on a 4-week basis. 

With a background as a personal trainer and dance instructor this process was ingrained in my way of life from a young age. It is the way to generate and manifest the true north and joy you seek.

The magical part is...
The feeling fantastic comes on DURING the process - in the days leading to a realized goal. It's about enjoying THE JOURNEY!
So, come on this 4 Week ride to getting grounded, finding self-compassion, igniting joy and FEELING FANTASTIC.

Dive deep into new routines for health and success

Work through the sh** holding you back

Commit to 4 weeks of life-changing actions (big and small)

Get support

Make new Fantastic buddies

Feel Fantastic in Four Weeks

Helen Raptoplous

It was great! Working on my super power statement now! Thank you Patty, you went far beyond my expectations and truly over delivered!!

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My biggest enemy this year was self doubt - A TON of it. Patty Rose is your compass. A Boss Babe, an Empowered Female and the most positive ray of sunshine. Patty, this year was not possible without you. A coach who will keep you focused, motivated and encouraged!

Hi, I'm Patty Rose. I would love to help you find your way to fantastic!

Founder of Create.Build.Share., Dance Strong, The Inspirations System, Authentically Pivot, Author,  Speaker, and Entrepreneur Business Coach. I love the entrepreneur lifestyle - both living it and teaching aspects that make it possible for you! Teaching is one of the most interesting and exciting things in my life work and purpose. I'm excited to be sharing this course to support you in creating the most FANTASTIC version of your business and life.


My mission is to help you navigate the ups and downs of Entrepreneurial Life and Mindset. So, you can show up in your life the best way possible and build profitable zone-of-genius business. I believe you have everything it takes to dig in and find your FANTASTIC. It is from that place within, that deeper energy your CENTER that you can go out and make an impact for in the world.

I’m going to empower you to do just that!

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